About Markup Online

Markup Online was inspired by my own frustration trying to put simple content online.

I wanted a webpage but I didn't want to buy a domain, rent (or partially rent) a server, and manage the service account. Free alternatives exist for displaying content online (BitBalloon, GitHub Pages, Google, Wix, etc.) but none offered all the features I wanted:

  • HTML Input
  • CSS Input
  • Easy to remember webpage addresses
  • Default shortlinks
  • Frontend Framework Support

Every free application out there came up short in one way or another. Most disappointing, no free application allowed me to control every pixel within my webpage - ridiculous.

As a result, Markup Online (previously called A Webpage Online) was born. We allow you to create webpages and control every byte of HTML on the page. Complete CSS support means you control how every element looks as well!

With the exception of five pages with dynamic needs (Blog | Log In | Register | Search | User Profiles) every webpage within our application was built with the webpage tools available to you for free.

Thanks for checking us out! Read about the technology behind markup.online.

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