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A Comparison of Similar Online Applications

Many applications already exist to get content online for free. Take a look at some of my personal favorites below to see if any are a better fit for your needs.

Free Features

  • Publish relative paths within
  • Complete control of meta information
  • Instant shortlink access via
  • Own your content and URLs forever
  • Full HTML5 support
  • Full CSS3 support
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Foundation 5

  • Proprietary webpage builder GUI
  • No HTML nor CSS support
  • Design choices curbed by template(s)
  • No shortlinks


  • Proprietary webpage builder GUI
  • Limited HTML and CSS support
  • Design choices curbed by template(s)
  • Wix ads on published webpages
  • No shortlinks

GitHub Pages

  • Comfort with the CLI
  • Knowledge and use of git
  • Knowledge and use of GitHub


Formerly BitBalloon

  • Long, Random, and Difficult URLs
  • No browser input, no code linting
  • No shortlinks

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