Why Use Markup Online?

Learning HTML (markup) is easy.

Understanding how a computer's browser reads HTML is easy.

Discovering how HTML can be styled with CSS is tougher but can be accomplished quickly.

With these concepts understood one is capable of putting a webpage on the internet tailored exactly to their needs. Unfortunately, getting space for your webpage online isn't so easy...

Where does one begin? Do you need to research and investigate website hosting services? Do you need to learn skills beyond HTML and CSS code? Do you need to pay for the luxury of making content accessible online? Not anymore.

If you're 1) capable of writing HTML (and optionally, CSS) and 2) you have something to say Markup Online will get you online instantly.

We will take care of the hosting and serving of your webpages. We are powered by dedicated open source resources on the backend, allowing you to focus on your markup and styling.

Happy coding!

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